Daily Archives: August 31, 2017

Last week we were busily getting ready for the last holiday of the summer when we got an invitation to go on a deep-sea fishing trip with our neighbors.  I gladly accepted knowing how much my husband enjoyed going out on the water and fishing with a crowd of friends.  So what if we didn’t have our annual Labor Day barbecue?  That was something we did almost every year; a fishing trip was something we rarely had an opportunity to take as a family.


I was therefore surprised when he didn’t show the same amount of enthusiasm.  I’d expected him to hop up and start packing his gear and laying out his clothes as soon as I told him.  But his response was lukewarm.  When I pressed him about it he finally let on the reason.  He’d gone and ordered a supply of meat from Omaha Steaks using a Groupon special promo code that would result in a 70% savings for the food he’d planned to put on the grill that for that holiday barbecue.  And he had also spent time online researching different “secret” sauce recipes and rubs for the last week.  He was determined to use his own secret sauce, but he wasn’t above sneaking tricks from other sources.  Now that he’d conjured up his own he was eagerly looking forward to trying it out on the crowd at the Labor Day barbecue.


Well I had no idea he’d be willing to trade off a fishing trip for a holiday barbecue.  And I have to admit that I didn’t mind not having all the cleaning and mess that accompanies some of these events, even if it did mean missing out on his great sauces and grilling for an occasion.  But I thought of a way to re-instill his enthusiasm.  I suggested he plan his barbecue for later in the month.  We’d invite our fishing companions over to our place to enjoy a barbecue and football party – we’d invite them to a tailgating party on our patio where everyone could watch the game.  We’d be able to serve all our friends great-tasting Omaha Steaks barbecued on our grill.  He could serve them his secret sauce while I made some great nuclear chicken wings appetizers.  It would be our way of thanking our friends for a great Labor Day fishing trip.